The blue LED light is not on: Is my device broken?

The LED light should be on ONLY when the device is in contact with the skin. First open the Vitastiq app, then connect the Vitastiq device to your smartphone. After that the blue light should be on only when you are measuring and the device is in direct contact with the skin.


How do I charge the battery?

The battery inside the device does not need charging. It has a life of approximately 1000 hours of active constant measurement, which is up to 10 years of normal, weekly measuring.


I’m having problems while calibrating: How long does it take to calibrate?

When calibrating, the Vitastiq device must have continuous skin contact for about 12 seconds.


What can I do if the LED light does not turn on while measuring?

  1. You can try to press-and-turn the tip of the device several times quickly with your finger to make sure all the contacts adhere correctly.
  2. Enable the microphone for the Vitastiq app in your phone settings.
  3. Adjust Headphones/Headsets/Audio volume to MAXIMUM by pressing the + button on the side of your phone (adjust this function also in Audio or  Sounds or Ringer & Alerts Settings)
  4. Check the cable connectivity. Remove any phone cover/case so the audio cable is connected properly.
  5. Try using Vitastiq with another smartphone to see if it’s working properly.
  6. Try to restart your smart device – completely turn it off, then turn it back on after a few seconds.


My Vitastiq app doesn’t lead me to the next measuring point.

Measuring can be set to AUTO or MANUAL. In the manual mode you have to click next manually to get to the next measuring point, whereas the auto mode goes automatically to the next measuring point. Be sure to check Settings in your Vitastiq app.


Important information: what NOT to do while measuring with Vitastiq.

  • Do NOT hold the phone in your hand. Your phone shouldn’t be in contact with your skin while measuring.
  • Do not charge your smartphone while measuring.
  • Do not measure on a metal surface as this can interfere with electrical conductivity.


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