My Vitastiq is not working properly. The LED light is either on, constantly, or it’s not working at all. What should I do?

Please adjust your iPhone Settings for Vitastiq:

  1. Settings > Vitastiq > Allow Vitastiq to access: MICROPHONE (turn ON)
  2. Settings > Music (or iPod) > Volume Limit > turn OFF (adjust to the maximum)
  3. Settings > General > Accessibility > Mono Audio – turn OFF
  4. Settings > General > Accessibility > ‘Adjust the audio volume balance between left and right channels’ – adjust in the CENTER

Please adjust your Android device Settings for Vitastiq:

  1. Noise cancellation OFF
  2. Settings > Sounds > Volume > Multimedia – MAX volume
  3. Settings > Application Manager > Vitastiq – allow all
  4. Settings > Accesibility > Sound Correction – BALANCE left & right sound IN CENTER
  5. Settings > Accesibility > Mono sound OFF
  6. Settings > Accesibility > turn off all sounds (Mute) OFF
  7. Settings > Tools > HDMI > Audio out – STEREO
  8. Turn off any application that is using phone’s audio or mic​

* Try to restart your smart device – completely turn it off, then turn it back on after a few seconds.

If your Vitastiq device still doesn’t work even after trying these suggestions, your Android smartphone probably needs a CTIA to OMTP or OMTP to CTIA audio adapter/converter.

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